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Training Sessions

In order to make everyone feel comfortable with the conference, the LiveMUN staff hosts Training Sessions a couple of weeks before each batch of conferences.

These sessions are great for newcomers who want to learn more about how MUN goes or for more experienced delegates who want to brush over the Rules of Procedure!

Support Available 24/7 on Instagram


The LiveMUN Staff is always here to help! Just direct any questions or inquiries you might have towards our Instagram account for 24/7 availability.

We also host a lot of challenges there so don’t forget to check out our page!

“I've never been comfortable with public speaking but after hearing about LiveMUN I wanted to challenge myself, I contacted the chair and asked them questions and they assured me that I only had to speak as much as I was comfortable. I quickly signed up and

I've never looked back, I'm now excited and confident to speak in front of people and my English has also improved. LiveMUN has been an escape from reality and I've met so many new people and I also now have more experience on my CV.”
Vera Roosvall
Delegate from Sweden

“The best online Model UN I've attended. From being fun and instructive to being hosted by expert and friendly chairs, these conferences really are top tier!

I signed up for one at first... never thought I'd be part of all the conferences!”

Joe Sawma
Delegate from Lebanon
"I was honored to attend the Great War Summit as the Kingdom of Romania. Truth be told, I was not to familiar with WW1 as it's often overlooked by of course WW2. However, it was a great learning experience getting to see how things played out. This was by far one of the best conferences I've attended, everyone was super helpful and friendly and that's the biggest key to having an enjoyable conference. LIVE MUN is one of those conferences where it's not all about aggressive cut throat debate. It's about learning, working together, having fun and meeting new people. I look forward to attending more Committees in the future!"
Myles Zaouiou
Delegate from Algeria

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