Iranian Revolution Committee — The Iranian Revolution

Since January of 1978, Iranians, ill content of the immense westernization of their country, their loss of personal culture, and degrading economic situation, took up the streets in protest of The Shah. These protests were fueled by the Shah’s unjust, corrupt and authoritarian rule, and was initially triggered by the criticism of the Islamic Shiia Clergy Ayatollah Khomeini by an Iranian newspaper. By September of that same year Marshall Law was declared in an attempt to ease down the ever increasing hostility of the protests, which were beginning to take a toll on the government. During that same time, Khomeini rose up to be a powerful leader who’s intention was to “free his people from oppression” and to instill correct ruling over the people of Iran, as he believed in the need to implement Shiia doctrinal beliefs in the country. Delegates in this committee are expected to either turn the tide in favor of the Shah’s government, or ultimately push forward the Iranian revolution to topple the regime, whether the latter or the former occurs; the future of the Middle East will forever change…


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