SPECPOL (GA4) – The Re-establishment of a United Arab Republic – July 5, 2020

Throughout the course of history, many Arab nations have showed constant interest in forming a United Arab Republic – in other words – completely eliminating borders, and uniting the Arab world as one entity in the form of the same nation.
The 1918 Sharif Hussein attempt, the 1958 United Arab Republic between Egypt and Syria, and the ideologies of Ba’athism and Nasserism stand as evidence of the multiple faces of Arab Nationalism.
That being said, after the increasing conflicts and tension between Arab countries, the SPECPOL will hold a session with the purpose of the negotiating the Re-establishment of a United Arab Republic between all 22 Arab nations, including the rules and regulations for governing, fiscal policies, border control, and a number of other pressing issues for the new Arab world.


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