$0! Registering and taking part in LiveMUN is completely free!

After trying mock conferences on many online platforms, the LiveMUN Staff found that Zoom offers the most MUN-friendly options so that’s what we’re going to be using!

Conferences usually last one day and are typically 6 hours long (including the a 1 hour break). Detailed schedules are also posted on Instagram a few days before the conference!

Yes! Absolutely! All delegates who participate get a signed certificate of participation and all those who win get their respective certificates as well! They will be sent via email during the weeks following the conference.

During this form of debate, we will be separating you into breakout rooms. This gives you the ability to freely discuss anything with your bloc!

Though we cannot force you to do anything you dont feel comfortable doing, we highly recommend that you turn on your videos; a part of the grade goes to body language and facial expressions so we want to be as objective as possible!

Preferable yes, but it’s up to you! Dais members always wear formal attire so we heavily encourage you to do so as well! (Also, it’s a good excuse to dress up during quarantine ;p )

Attendance to the training session is completely optional! Missing it does not have any impact on your conference assessment. Also, all the Rules of Procedure are written in the beginning of every background guide so you can find the material there (if you still have questions you can DM us!).

Background guides and country allocations are usually sent 2 weeks before your conference so dont forget to check your emails! If you’re worried about missing the email, we will be posting Instagram stories when we send them so feel free to follow us!

Along with the background guide and country allocations, we send a link to a joint WhatsApp group in which you can discuss with other delegates the subtopics you want to talk about during the conference. This saves you a lot of time and effort because your research would be better directed.

No! Not at all! Position papers are not asked for or required at LiveMUN!

If you have any additional questions feel free to DM us on instagram for 24hr support or send us a question here!